Latest Games

Lens Game 005

In our latest monthly game, explore an underground scientific lab as Thea. She is a captured spy who through scientific experiments can shift into different wavelengths.

BoomTown Game 004

Using dynamite and a single Anvil try to catch a Road Runner that has been taunting you. In this Physics based puzzle game use explosions to navigate different levels and find a way to finally catch your rival.

Vurtue's Salvation Game 003

In this extra hard game, help Vurtue escape the 17 second loop of Purgatory by finding Salvation. Using magical dashes explore while you can trying to map out the level and discover the correct path. Good Luck.

100 Drops Game 002

In this fun and addicting puzzle game drop 3 different colored blocks and combine them in groups of 4 or more to take them off the board. Get point multipliers by creating combos that stack match after match.

Phase Drop Game 001

Help Blorg navigate the fall while collecting bubbles that give him access to special abilities like dashing and phasing. Get a high-score by dodging back and forth as Blorg falls faster and faster.