A New Beginning

When we first started making a game per month about a year ago, I had one goal: to get better at completing games. It used to be really difficult for us to finish games and they would sit never feeling quite perfect, but after 12 games in this process, I think that we’ve finally gotten better at releasing. It was a fun and hectic process that taught us a lot about designing and creating games. I will cover the things that we learned from this experience in future posts, but for now, there is one issue we encountered that I want to address.

One of the most important things when it comes to creating games is creating a following and a community. Communities are built on collaboration, knowledge sharing, and going through an adventure together. Unfortunately, we managed to leave this behind when we pushed so hard to create games this quickly. There simply wasn’t enough time for us to make additional marketing content, to crowdsource, or even to write a post like this! All there was time for was to get the games to a point where we could release them. This was a problem.

After a year of making games, we recognized something needed to change, so we all sat down and looked at what we could do to better serve the community and start building up a group of people that really cared about us and our process. The outcome of that meeting was the decision to start opening up our processes and show you all how we do the things that we do.

With that said, I decided the first place to start was with a new content plan. We have decided to really push ourselves to start creating content that the community can read, watch, and hopefully learn from. Whether that be tutorials, Devlogs, explaining the latest thing we’ve learned, or just showing how we work from week to week, we plan on creating and sharing more content this year than ever before!

So I hope that you guys follow along and get excited for the ride because I certainly know I am.

I can’t wait to see what we create together!

– Cooper