Use time-travel to solve puzzles by working with yourself across time in virtual reality.

A Time-Travel VR Puzzle Game

Looking to test your brain and body in VR? In Chrono Weaver, think and throw your way through time bending kinetic puzzles. As you explore an unearthly sci-fi world, work with copies of yourself as you travel through time to find solutions to seemingly impossible tests.


Best-in-Class Throwing

We know throwing in VR can be frustrating, we allow for customization to make throwing feel and work well for you. Every throw will feel great.

Epic Boss Fight

Bring all your skills together in an epic final boss fight that will test everything you think you learned.


Set yourself up for that slam-dunk throw, by thinking ahead, or behind, so that everything comes together at the right time.

Entertaining Story

A cheesy, creepy, unique, and fun story that takes place across space. Great voice actors keep you entertained as you solve puzzles and explore the world.

Player Customization

You have to see yourself all the time across time, so you might as well look cool while you do it!

Unique Physics-Based Puzzles

Explore solutions to puzzles that will test your ability to come-up with and execute plans across time. Use physics to your advantage to find unique answers.